Small Group Games & Icebreakers

Beach Ball Toss
Group size: 5-10
Supplies: 1 beach ball
Overview of the game: Each group gets a beach ball.  Pass the ball around the group. When someone catches the ball they must answer a question that corresponds to the color I that their right thumb is on. Questions are as follows:

  • Red – If you were stuck on an island with only three people, what three people would you want is to be?
  • Yellow – Who is you favorite saint and why?
  • Blue – If you were a lucky charms marshmallow which one would you be and why? (heart, star, horseshoe, clover, blue moon, pot of gold, rainbow, or red balloon)
  • White – What is your favorite liturgical season and why? (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Ordinary Time)

Human Knot
Group size: 6-12
Supplies: none!
Overview of the game: Have everyone in the group get into a circle. Everyone reaches each hand across the circle and grabs another person’s hand (don’t grab two hands from the same person or the person’s hand next to you). Make sure your group is tangled up (like a knot!).

Random Questions
Group size: any
Supplies: paper, pencil
Overview: Create a bunch of random questions and put them in a hat.  As each person introduces their self, have them select a question to answer.  Here are some examples:

  1. What parish/school are you from?
  2. What grade are you in?
  3. What is your favorite subject?
  4. What do you enjoy doing (hobbies, clubs, etc.)?
  5. How many siblings do you have?
  6. What has been your favorite part of the retreat?
  7. What is your favorite food?
  8. What kind of music do you listen to?
  9. What’s your favorite movie?
  10. What TV shows do you watch?
  11. What is the furthest you’ve traveled?
  12. What is the most interesting place you’ve visited?
  13. Are you in any clubs?
  14. Do you play any sports?
  15. How many years have you been on DYB?
  16. What are you most looking forward to this year?
  17. What is your greatest fear?
  18. If you could have any animal, what kind of pet would you want?
  19. If you could be a sandwich, which kind would you be?
  20. Do you prefer rice and gravy or mash potatoes and gravy?

Two Truths and a Lie
Group size: 3-10
Supplies: Paper, pencils
Overview of the game: Have everyone in the circle think of 3 statements about themselves. Two of the statements must be true, the other must be false. Go around the circle and have everyone and have each person share their statements.  Everyone in the group then tries to guess which statement is the lie.

Winking Game
Group size: 5-15
Supplies: deck of cards
Overview of the game: Have everyone sit in a circle. Take a deck of cards and select enough cards for the number of people playing.  Select only numbers except for one ace and one king.  Give one card to each person and instruct the group not to share their card.  Whoever gets the ace is it.  Whoever gets the game is tasked with finding out who is it.  When the game begins, the ace must wink at people without letting the king see them.  If someone is winked at, they must lay down.  If the king sees someone wink, they must call them at and the game is over.  If the ace successfully winks at everyone without the king seeing, they win.

Write Draw Write
Group Size: 6-15
Supplies: paper, pencils
Overview of the game: Create a stack of small pieces of paper for each person.  Each stack should have the same number of pieces of paper as people who are playing.  To begin the game, have each person write a word or short phrase on their first piece of paper.  Do not have anyone share who is writing.  Once everyone is finished, each person will pass their stack of paper to the person on the right.  Each person will now have a new stack of paper.  With the new stack have each person read the word or phrase to themselves and then place the first piece of paper at the back of the stack.  On the next piece of paper, each person will draw a picture describing the word or phrase.  Pass to the right and do the same thing, only this time, write a new word or phrase describing the picture.  Keep repeating these steps until the stacks have gone all the way around and each person has their original stack.  Have each person share the contents of the stack.