The Diocese of Baton Rouge is offering an online youth ministry certification process. This certificate is valuable for all adults who work with Catholic youth. Its purpose is to educate participants about the dynamics of youth ministry as well as give them the tools to create successful and meaningful ministries for the youth of today.

Watch the video to hear from other youth ministers what taking the courses has done for them.

courses offered

Course 1: Fostering the Vision of Youth Ministry
August 29 - October 2, 2016
Module 1A: Fundamentals of Catholic Youth Ministry (August 29 - October 2)
Module 1B: Advancing the Vision of Catholic Youth Ministry (October 3 - October 31)

Course 2: Cultivating a Culture of Encounter for Adolescents through Evangelization, Catechesis and Faith Community
January 2 - February 5, 2017
Module 2A: Fundamentals of Evangelization & Catechesis with Adolescents (January 2 -              February 5)
Module 2B: Forming a Consequential Faith in Adolescents (February 6 - March 6)

Course 3: Connecting Adolescents to Faith
March 6 - May 22, 2017
Module 3A: Increasing Faith Engagement through Prayer, Sacraments and Social Justice (March    6 - April 10)
Module 3B: Outreach in Catholic Youth Ministry through Pastoral Care and Social                        Media/Technology (April 24 - May 22)

Course 4: Developing Leadership for Catholic Youth Ministry
June 5 - August 7, 2017
Module 4A: Organizing for Catholic Youth Ministry (June 5 - July 9)
Module 4B: Advanced Leadership Strategies with Youth and Adult Leaders (July 10 - August 7)